Short - L'ultima volta

Short - Last fight


Armando has kept his identity secret from his fiancè, he is the number one champion in clandestine street fights, but he wants to change his life for her. He has one last fight to honour.

directors's note

Last fight is a short film to be developed into a feature. its the story of Armando, nicknamed "Four punches" infamous for his deadly combination which makes him beat his opponents in clandestine fights. Armando wants another life but for everyone he is just a man to fight. I wanted to shoot real fight scenes, as it rarely happens here in Italy. To achieve the short I met some "real fighters", who also agreed to appear in the Film.


Armando 4 Colpi: Paolo Seganti Piccolo:Fabrizio Bucci Caterina: Valentina Correani MAcina: Rolando Ravello


Rome Indipendent FilmFest (2009): menzione speciale Salento Finibus Terrae (2009) in competizione Brianza Film Corto (2009) in competizione