TV Series - Il commissario Rex

Serie TV - Il commissario Rex

director's note

Commissioner Rex is a German format that has existed for over 15 years. When I first met with the producers, I was asked to make it more modern and to innovate it.
While maintaining the characteristics that has sold the show in over 100 countries and has made it one of the oldest running tv-series. It was a challenge and It was not enough to just change the actors (except for Rex), but to redesign everything. The Series 4 and 5 with Ettore Bassi, from this point of view are innovative, there is a lot more action, tight dialogue and truthfulness. Rex remains essential to discover and resolve cases, but the interaction with humans is closer to reality and less overly comic. From a technical point of view, I wanted the camera to follow Rex always. The direction is much more dynamic in these two series and are not skimp on the means, we shot underwater, with helicopters. We had a well equipped Stunt department to enrich the film.