Film - La casa sulle nuvole

Film - La casa sulle nuvole

cinema premiere may 2009


Two brothers of different temperaments attempt to come to terms with their irresponsible and self-absorbed parents in this intimate family drama. Lorenzo (Emanuele Bosi) is a free-spirited jazz musician while Michele (Adriano Giannini) has a more staid life as a dog breeder. When the siblings discover that their father has sold the family home in Marrakesh, they travel there to rectify the situation. They discover that their dad is much the same as before, full of outlandish ideas including opening tourist hotels in Senegal and operating balloon trips in the Sahara. Featuring a diverse, groovy soundtrack (some of it composed by director Giovannesi) and picturesque Moroccan locales, this is a nuanced drama aboutparenting, brotherhood and the benefits and perils of being a dreamer.


Michele: Adriano Giannini Lorenzo: Emanuele Bosi Dario: Emilio Bonucci Bellini: Ninni Bruscetta


director: Claudio Giovannesi cinematographer: Tommaso Borgstrom production: Andrea Costantini, Giorgio Magliulo screenwriter: Francesco Apice, Matteo Berdini