Short - Detenuto senza colpa

Short - Detainee without fault


Dante Brancatisano is an active musician. He also promotes young artists by producing their first records and mentoring them through the first steps in the music world. He collaborates with The Telethon Association for whom he often organizes concerts and local events. On the 8th of April 2003 , the police broke into his home in Samo in Southern Italy and his life changed decisively. He was accused of being the head of the emerging ' Ndrangheta in Milan and is transfered to a maximum security prison. "Detainee without fault" is the prequel to a descent into hell and a hope for justice that never died.

note di regia

The meeting with Dante Brancatisano, as often happens in life, was random. I was struck by the story, unfortunately true, that marked the life of this artist. What struck me immediately was the enthusiasm and energy that you do not expect from someone who has done three and a half years in hard prison. We decided to document the history and dynamics up to the time of the arrest. It is a necessity and a responsibility to bring light to this very serious matter. Besides reading the book I talked a lot with Dante, getting lost in his memories and feeling a strong indignation.


Dante: Ettore Bassi Magistrato: Euridice Axen Luca Palmieri: Giuseppe Zeno Lorenza Ferrato: Valentina Carnelutti Discografico: Sergio Zecca Commissario: Marco Iannone


director: Andrea Costantini cinematography: Vittorio Omodei Zurini editing: Lorenzo Peluso production design: Alessandro Vannucci costume designer: Giuliana Cau sound: Roberto Sestito music: Giordano Corapi production: Eden Music Record executive production: Decibel