film - City limits

Film - City limits

Premiere maggio 2004 DVD selling Luglio 2005 Television Rai Tre (3 times) Television La 7 (la venticinquesima ora)


Superintendent Chessari is sent to run a small police station on the outskirts of Rome – a temporary posting in a difficult area, with not much backing and very few staff.
His deputy, Lorenzo Corsi, is a youngster just out of the Academy, full of enthusiasm and high principles which clash with the corrupt reality of the streets and the attitude of his colleagues.
The small police station seems like an outlying frontier post, a sort of backwater where recruits and hot-heads are assigned to rot. Chessari wants a quiet life, and all he does is set up a few routine operations; following suspects and tapping phones. He tries to avoid making waves that might upset his plans for career advancement.
His men, however, are a bunch of loose canons, who are not intimidated by the rules or regulations imposed upon them and at times risk crossing the line of legality.

director's note

“City limits” was born through the desire to bring to the big screen a police action film, a category which is a bit lost in Italy, and through the idea of getting a glimpse into the life of a policeman. I wanted to show all sides of this life, the pros and the cons, the fears and weaknesses. I have tried to stay away from the stereo type of many of the tv shows and have tried to create a realistic atmosphere.
Shot almost entirely with Steadycam, in an energetic, documentary-like style, the camera becomes a (seventh) character in the narrative, following the others through their lives and their work. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, we needed a long and scrupuolous preparation in order to avoid errors and mistakes in narrating the real life of a “policeman”.
I’ve tried to give a crude profile of the life on the street, tough and without filters or mediation, where the borderline between good and bad is not so clear.


Francesca: Elisabetta Cavallotti lorenzo: Edoardo Leo de paolis: Rolando Ravello lattanzi: Luca Ward chessari: Giorgio Colangeli stiffi: Simone Colombari ben: Andrea Rivera.


director: Andrea Costantini cinematographer: Daniele Massaccesi editing: Patrizia Ceresani production design: Alessandro Vannucci costume designer: Sonoo Mishra Sound: Andrea Moser Music: The Dining Room production: Shooting Stars distribuition: Pablo


Magna Grecia Film Festival: award "best director" - "best actor" (Edoardo Leo) - "best actor" (Rolando Ravello) Terra di Siena Film Festival: in competition 26th Mediterranean Festival of Montpellier: special event Sào Paolo Film Festival: in competition Cairo Film Festival Festival dei Festivals: in competition Syracuse Film Video Festival: in competition Brooklyn International Film Festival: awar "best producer"